Balarama is committed to

Innovating to set ourselves apart, working fast to be the first, excelling in order to fulfill major challenges for our customers!

That's why today’s customers

have faith in our commitments.

Balarama's main challenge for nutrition innovation: combining palatability with taste and nutritional balance.
Our daily challenge: to be innovative and surprise you and your consumers with new ideas, flavours, shapes, textures and packaging.

Intelligence on innovation

Examining ingredients

Always on the lookout for the latest trends in nutrition, Balarama maintains an active watch to uncover the most attractive ingredients for your current and future products.
Our close relationship with suppliers, press monitoring and specialist trade fairs means we remain at the forefront of innovation in the sector.

Scientific intelligence

The engineers in our R&D department keep a close watch on advances in scientific research into nutritional problems related to your products, and follow the official nutritional recommendations for your target consumers.

Research into natural ingredients

Since the use of natural ingredients is now an inescapable trend in the health and nutrition sector, we strive to source and select ingredients of natural and/or environmentally friendly origin:

    • Restricting the use of additives
    • Restricting the use of synthetic sweeteners
    • Using organic palm oil or substituting other vegetable oils such as sunflower or rapeseed
    • Using organically-farmed ingredients if your product labelling requires them (our production facility is Ecocert certified)

A team of experts in nutritional formulation

Food processing engineers, nutritionists, biochemists and experts in sensory and aromatisation analysis, our R&D team put their multidisciplinary expertise at your service to advise on and formulate innovative products for you.

Because we're convinced that pleasure and nutrition go together, Balarama is committed to putting its culinary skills at the service of your innovations.

It's the "French touch" that we bring to your products that makes all the difference among consumers, increasingly demanding on the quality of food.

Unique recipes that are tasty, balanced and visually appealing, made as a co-creation or otherwise.

At Balarama, the achievement of optimum quality for both our products and our services is an ongoing priority.
quality policy is a real corporate culture, and at the same time demanding and all-encompassing.

Food safety

Compliant with food safety standards, hygiene regulations, a strict traceability system, a "GMO-free" policy, identification of allergens, etc.

Optimum quality

Our “human-size” company allows us to be both extremely flexible and responsive to the demands of our customers. Together we develop a tailored response to your product issues, depending on your requirements.

Our quality procedure

Compliant with current European and French regulations, certification, meticulous selection of ingredients, frequent quality checks, product conformity.

From raw ingredients to finished product, we are careful to ensure all our operations are environment-friendly.

Our quality procedure

From raw ingredients to finished product, we are careful to ensure all our operations are environment-friendly.

Computer-managed traceability system;

From raw materials to finished products, we are anxious to work in an environmentally friendly manner.

Food safety control system

• Application of Good Manufacturing Practices to guarantee safety of your products
• Application of the HACCP plan for testing and detecting food risks
• Optimal traceability with a computer-controlled optical batch identification system by barcode, to guarantee the safety of your products, from raw ingredients to finished product
• "GMO-free" policy
• Allergens policy: control of ingredients, prevention and identification of cross contamination