Our expertise

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Balarama is your partner in formulating, producing and packaging nutrition bars, with 5 spheres of activity:


Slimming (diet bars)
Sport & Fitness (energy bars)
Healthy snacking
Gourmet bar (traditional and gourmet snacks)

Nutrition bars can be...


• Crispy

• Double-layer

• 100% fruit

• Fully or partially chocolate-coated

High protein snacks
• Low calorie snacks
• Meal replacements
• Carbohydrate intake bars
• Organic bars
• Fruit bars




• Compliant with current European regulations

• Compliant with standards for sports products

• Compliant with standards for baby food products

• Compliant with traceability (packaging, origin and processes)

"Organic Farming" standards certification

NF EN ISO 22000 standards certification

A range of over 300 ingredients (cereals, proteins, seeds, fruits, superfruits, nuts, spices, vitamins, minerals, flavourings, etc.) giving you options in terms of:
 • Origin of ingredients:
organic farming
  - conventional farming
 - location
 • Flavour:
 chocolate, apple, cranberry, goji, mango, honey, almond, cinnamon, speculoos, salted caramel, quinoa, etc.
 Slimming, muscle building, stamina, recuperation, healthy snacking, etc.

Creating recipes for your new ideas together

Looking for a formulation? Balarama helps you develop recipes for your products. Together we devise the best formula to suit:

    • Your specifications
    • European legislation requirements regarding food products.
    • Specific nutritional needs for your target consumer, according to Dietary Reference Intakes and the latest recommendations from nutrition experts.

To ensure compliance with these various criteria, we set up in-house:

    • Tests in our research and development laboratory
    • Pilot tests to ensure the industrial feasibility of your product
    • Organoleptic tests
    • Nutritional analyses, especially for health and nutritional varieties
    • Tests to establish the quality of your product (microbiological, water activity [aw], allergens, etc.)

Our R&D team includes experts in nutrition, biochemistry, sensory and aromatisation analysis for your projects, and guarantees confidentiality for your recipes.

Regulatory support

Tap into the regulatory expertise of our Quality and Research Development departments, and let them check your packaging to ensure your labelling complies with health and nutrition claims.

We're experts in nutrition and snack bars; our know-how will help you devise the exact product you want to put on the market.

Supply chain quality guarantees

We ensure that the quality of our products is impeccable throughout the entire production process and that it conforms to quality standards set by European regulations, organoleptic tests, size and weight tests, shelf-life tests etc. are all carried out as a matter of course. The optical scanning ERP system ensures traceability of ingredients right up to the finished product.

Advantages of our production process: versatility and flexibility.

With flexibility in terms of both our manufacturing tools and production system, we can adapt the way your products are made to your requirements.

We have the flexibility to guide your product through the entire development process, from initial launch to full cruising speed.

Packaging available

 Primary packaging neutral or customisable;
    • Flow pack with white OPP film, aluminised, transparent.

 Secondary packaging;
    • Grouping: boxes, bulk packing, displays.

 Tertiary packaging;
    • Shelf-ready, bulk, boxed, etc.

Packaging available

Our packaging machinery and process means we can adapt to your product requirements:
    • Texture
    • Format

    • Weight 
    • Shape