About Us

Nature and health bars shaping, ISO 22000
and Ecocert certified, Balarama formulates and produces bars
for areas of thinness, sports, healthy snacking, babyfood, and gourmet.


A pioneer in the manufacture of organic bars since 1986,
Balarama is a major reference in the field of


Our clients are among the leading actors in the nutrition-health sector:

Agro-food groups, distributors (GMS, organic shops, sports shops...), pharmaceutical laboratories specializing in food supplements, communities, wholesalers, dietetics professionals...

Convinced that nutrition and pleasure go together, we put all our nutritional and taste expertise at the service of your innovations.


Balarama first established in Compiègne (60, France). At the time, Balarama was the only company in France that produced healthy cereal bars. As a pioneer in this market, the original slogan was "Manger sain et intelligent" - Eat healthy and smart.


The first bars made entirely with organically-farmed ingredients. Balarama is one of the leading organic operators in the sector


Purchase of the first automated production line. Entry into the slimming market (protein bars and meal replacements)


Purchase of the second automated production line


Factory transferred to Fondettes (37, France)


Merger with Laboratoires Elysée


Takeover by Trixaim


Business Resumption and creation of "Société Nouvelle Balarama"

Production capacity of 30 million bars

• 30 years of expertise in organic production

• 1 production site of 3,600 m2

• 30 employees

• 28% of turnover from exports

• More than 300 ingredients available for your recipes

• 5 major spheres of activity: Slimming, Sport and Fitness, Snacking, Organic and Treats