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The skills and knowledge acquired by our Team over many years, allow Balarama to be the reliable, flexible and efficient production partner you are looking for.

Statement by our CEO

Thanks to the talent of the women and men working at Balarama, our company continues to grow since its creation in 1985. The passion, the commitment of our Team, the search for excellence and the creativity of our R&D department all together have enabled our company to become a major player in organic, health, well-being and sport bars in France and Europe.

About our production

Our production site is situated in Fondettes, near to Tours, and is equipped with 2 continuous production lines that can manufacture extruded cereal bars, moulded fruit bars and chocolate coated protein bars. Our packaging process is automated from flow wrapping to palletizing. Our annual production capacity is 30 million bars. The proximity and availability of our Team and the combination of their skills, allow flexibility and adaptability for all projects.

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