Balarama, your partner in the creation of tailor-made food bars. Do you have any questions about your project or our business? We help you!

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Research & Development

Can you accompany me on the development of organic bars?+

We already offer a wide range of organic recipes, and can adapt to incorporate your ideas!

Our organic solutions

I want to create a recipe dedicated to the constraints of athletes, what are your possibilities?+

The needs of athletes are specific, our products are perfectly adapted to these activities!

Our sports & fitness solutions

I want to add a specific ingredient to my recipe, can you help me?+

We already have a large number of ingredients, and we adapt to everyone’s expectations. Your desires interest us!

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I want to make ‘gluten-free’ or ‘vegetarian’ bars, am I in the right place?+

We offer solutions, we can certainly support you in your approach.

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General informations

What is your minimum order?+

Our minimum order is 20000 bars and may differ depending on the technology used.

What are your packaging options?+

We adapt and anticipate your desires, and those of consumers! Discover packaging in your image: films, cases, displays, ready-to-sell…

Do you do industrial tests?+

Each project begins with a formulation in our laboratory, and if this recipe meets your expectations, we qualify it on our industrial tool!

Where can I find your quality certificates?+

You can find them on the IFS and Ecocert websites, but also here: Quality certificates

I can’t find an answer to my question, where to go?+

Write to us, we will help you!

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Human ressources

I am looking for work or an internship, are you recruiting?+

To support the growth of our business, we regularly publish offers to be part of our adventure. Find them here:

Our job offers

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